Bella's Biography...                                                                         

Bella Salerno, M.A., M.S.C., started her spiritual journey while she was teaching under-privileged children in New York City in  the late Sixties and Seventies.  



She began to question life and its meaning, the chaos, the injustices, the intense suffering and deep despair that was the experience of some people.  Her relentless search for an answer led her to Avatar Meher Baba who gifted her with an experience of unconditional Universal Love and a glimpse into the meaning of life.  

During the following years, Bella studied with the Vedantic Master Swami Chinmayananda and with other Eastern and Western mystics and healers.  She was initiated into the Art of Healing and and has walked and worked with Native-American Elders for some years.  Recently, Bella walked the spiritual 500 mile Camino de Santiago de Compostella.  

Bella holds degrees from Hunter College, New York and the New Seminary, New York.  She was married for twenty-three years and she is the Mother of two Daughters and two Sons, all of whom are gifted with humanitarian and creative qualities.  

Bella has taught at The New Age Center in Nyack, New York since 1979, at the Wainwright House in Rye, New York,  SUNY New Paltz College in New Paltz, New York and in a variety of other locales in America and Canada.   She leads Meditation classes, teaches  "A Course In Miracles", conducts three-day retreats, periodic ten-day intensives and one-day workshops.

Bella's travels have taken her throughout Europe, India, Mexico, Canada and the Middle East.  She works in private practice as a counselor and mediator.  Bella is an ordained minister and conducts wedding ceremonies.  She does inner work with inmates at a penitentiary as well as workshops for college students.  Bella continues to work and learn.  She is presently working with Christa Phillips of Montana.

Bella: Spiritual Teacher
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April 29, 2002