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Bella has touched the lives of so many.  Her students, workshop and retreat participants, friends and even the prisoners that she has counseled have all been blessed and have become more aware from Bella's teachings.   In this section,  some of these people speak about the impact that Bella has had on their lives.  


Liza Scavone

Bella has been one of the most supportive and loving people in my life. The first time I met Bella I felt totally embraced with love and joy, I never really felt such warmth from anyone in my life. She has held my hand and supported me through the most painful of memories. Bella is joy, laughter and love. She is the magic and has awaken the magic within me. When I think of Bella, I see her dancing and I hear her laughing, I love this vision. Bella is my teacher and my friend and I thank God everyday for Bella.


Danielle Payette

My adventures in finding my spiritual teacher and friend, Bella, all started ten years ago when her daughter, Teresa, and I became close friends.   I was immediately drawn to Bella and felt very close to her.  She has had a strong influence on my life.

I have grown so much because of Bella.  She has healed me, encouraged me and my growth and has reinforced and strengthened  my connection with God.  Her presence in my life has been so vital that I would not know where I would be today without her.  She is truly one of God's shining Beings.  Thank You Bella!


Norma Lehmeier Hartie

Bella is about love. Once, at a workshop, we were doing an exercise as follows:  participants of the group divided into twos and looked into each othersÂ’ eyes, without speaking.  After some minutes, we would hug and go to the next person.  When Bella and I hugged, I could feel the heat from her heart chakra and felt my body fill with waves of her love.  

Bella is  an authentic and real being .

Bella: Spiritual Teacher
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November 5, 2002