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  Bujaawe naar jallatani aye kar kudratnay farma too 

Chhe laagi aas bhaktoney kay bakshay moray ima too; 

Aiya moorshad Meher Baba charanpar toojna dhariyay sir 

Khoodana zat thi vakef thai
betho Meherba too; 

Too chhe malik hakikatno too aashek bhi nay aaref bhi 

Too chhe dariya aye vahedat marefat no hoi toofa too; 

Humo raherav nay aiy saalek bakhash jay gnayan eezad noo 

Kay too Parmatma gnayani chhe nay mookhtaar irfaa too; 

Khoondana premno pyalo pilaavi must hnmnay kar 

Chhe toojapur jaan sadkay saakiya aapi day paima too; 

Humaari naav bhar dariyay taraavay tow humay tariyay 

Humaara nakhooda aiy Meher Baba chhe nighebaa too. 

Humaara nakhooda aiy Meher Baba chhe nighebaa too.


 Oh God command that the fire of our ignorance be extinguished 

Your lovers yearn for You to bestow upon them the Light of Faith, 

Oh Murshed Meher Baba we (your lovers) lay our heads at your Feet 

Oh Meher Baba, You have made yourself perfectly aware of your Godhood. 

You are the Lord of Truth, You are the Lover and the Beloved in One 

Being the torrent of Infinite Knowledge, You are the Ocean of Oneness 

Oh Master, bestow upon us, the wayfarers, the Knowledge of Ezad(the only One worthy of worship) 

For You, Oh, Paramatma are Omniscient and are Divine Knowledge Itself. 

Give us to drink of the cup of God’s Love that we become intoxicated 

Oh Saki, we offer our lives in sacrifice to You – give us this draught. 

Only if You steer our ship while in mid ocean can we remain afloat 

Oh Meher Baba, the Captain of our ship, You are our Protector. 

Oh Meher Baba, the Captain of our ship, You are our Protector.


Bella: Spiritual Teacher
Copyright 2002
February 20, 2002