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Bella is a graduate of The New Seminary, New York and she is   licensed by the State of New York to perform weddings in the tri-state area.  If you desire a unique, authentic and magical ceremony, give  Bella a call.       
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Bella smudging the couple



The Wedding Ceremony is so important.  Creating a program that is meaningful to the couple will be forever remembered.  When you plan your wedding ceremony with Bella, she will spend time getting to know who each of you is and what  speaks to your hearts.   [author's note: the photographs you see here are of Bella performing my ceremony.  It was pure magic, love and joy.]  

Some suggestions for your wedding ceremony:

  • Musical instrument[s] or singing before, during and after ceremony

  • Native American Rituals, such as smudging and honoring the four directions

  • Members of wedding party reciting love poems

  • Bride and groom reading own vows or reciting a love poem

  • Ring blessing

  • Candle ceremony

Bella: Spiritual Teacher
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April 11, 2002