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Part of the closing ceremony for weekend retreats, three volunteer to build a fire in Woodstock, N Y.


Phone: 845-679-7799

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats  in Woodstock:

Monday Nights at 7:00

Weekend Retreats

Sunday Workshops
February 28th & March 14th at Bruce's house/center

Please email or call Bella for information on how to bring a weekend workshop to you!

What to Bring to a Spiritual Retreat:
  • Comfortable Clothes

  • Journal

  • Flashlight

  • Walking Shoes

  • Musical Instrument


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The Center


In the Backyard 


Ceremonial Fire



The weekend retreats for meditation and inner work are held monthly at Bella's Center in Woodstock, New York.  In addition, Bella  conducts workshops and retreats throughout United States in retreat centers and private homes.   The Center is located on a mountain overlooking a lake [the banner on the top of this web site is a photograph taken at sunrise from the very top of the mountain].  There are hiking trails to Overlook Mountain and  "Magic Meadow" for sunrise meditation.  There are woods, rivers and fields for walking and reflection.  There is also a little church and a Tibetan Monastery nearby for prayer and quietude.    A Native-American Sweat Lodge and small paths through forest honor Mother Earth and the Sacred Red Road.

The workshops begin Friday evening with a shared simple meal followed by a session which includes meditation and music.  People introduce themselves and express any conflicts they may be going through.  Bella receives Guidance on how to work with each person during the workshop.  Session over,  silence is observed until  Saturday following the first session.  

Saturday begins with meditation: silent, guided or mantra.  Breakfast, which is prepared and served by the group, is followed by a morning class imbued with spiritual and mystical teachings and emotional processing.  During this session, many students have experienced new levels of consciousness and the presence and blessings of Higher Realms.  Lunch is served joyfully by the group.  The afternoons are spent outside walking, hiking, gardening or just being.  To bring lightness and laughter at the end of the day, the group shares music, comedy and dance.

Sunday sessions are a continuation of the work begun on Saturday.  At about 4 pm, the group shares a special meal followed by a beautiful closing ceremony.

Bella's classes include mediation, prayer and instructions to meditative practices.  Students are guided individually according to their personalities and needs.  

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